When we started candle making in our lounge room back in 2005, the success of our candles was all down to trial and error. There was no one to ask, no one to advise how much wax to melt down for each jar or which size wick to use to make sure it is going to actually burn. Our learning curve over that next 6 months was absolutely huge and we spent the whole of this time testing and figuring out all the little nitty gritty details to try and get a candle that burnt correctly.

We have now taken all of those learnings and all of those nitty gritty details and put them into instructional videos so that you can get started straight away. Join Alex & Kristy through the first, in a series of our ‘How to’ videos to help you perfect the art of candle making!

How to make a soy wax candle (Part 1)
How to make a soy wax candle (Part 2)
How to make a palm wax candle (Part 1)
How to make a palm wax candle (Part 2)
How to make soy wax tartlets

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