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Fragrance & Essential Oils How To

How to work out fragrance load when making candles

Although it seems a little confusing at first it is quite easy to do.

Determine what percentage of fragance you want to start with, between 6-10% of fragrance oil is best.  If using essential oils use a maximum of 6-7%.  Put this figure in the first blank box.

Next measure out how much wax you are going to use for your candles.  (It doesn’t matter if you have a little left over, they make perfect tealights.  Always better to be slightly over than slightly under). Put this figure into the second box of the calculator.

Press calculate and viola!  That is the amount of fragrance you need to use (doesn’t matter if you choose mls or weight for the fragance as long as you stick to one method).

An Example Calculation

8%  of   395 gms of wax   =    31.6 mls of fragrance for 395gms wax

Every fragrance and essential oil will affect your soy wax differently.  You may find one particular scent causes your wax to dry lumpy or ‘curdle’  If this happens drop the scent percentage back and try another candle.  Keep doing this until you strike a balance.  Don’t forget to also experiment with the pour temperature.  Try hotter.

 Percentage Calculator

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